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Capri is a town and municipality that covers the eastern part of the island of the same name. In addition to the resort itself, it includes a beautiful, cliff coast with numerous intimate beaches and a mountainous interior of the island full of extraordinary landscapes.

In antiquity, the island of Capri was a place where Roman emperors rested, and Tiberius spent the last several years of his life here and built 12 villas named after 12 Roman gods. The best preserved to this day is Villa Jovis .

The city is located on the coast, and parts of it have a large difference in height. The lowest is Port Capri, which is also the most important port of the island. It is visited by cruise ships and boats bringing tourists from the Italian coast. The higher parts can be reached on foot, through winding, narrow streets or by funicular railway .

The main square of Capri is bustling, surrounded by low buildings and gardens pledged cafes Piazzetta . Among the most important monuments of the city are the Monastery of St. James from the 13th century, the Church of St. Anne , Church of Santa Maria del Soccorso , and villas from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, including Villa Lysis.

From the nineteenth century, the city began to develop as a tourist center, to which initially the financial and intellectual elite of Italy, and later also Europe, came. For a better rest, several parks were opened, with the most famous Garden of Augustus and Via Krupp built up with representative buildings. To this day, they are the favorite walking areas of tourists coming to the city.

Capri's highlight is the stunning scenery. You can admire them, among others from the Tragaraobservation deck, the Punta Cannone observation deck , the Tiberius' jump , and the Migliara observation deck . The coast abounds in rocky cliffs and rock caves such as Grotta Albergo dei Marinai , Grotta Bianca or a natural rock arch . There are also small but well-organized beaches, Cala GrandeBeach , Saracena TowerBeach and Tiberio Beach .

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