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Anacapri is a tourist destination situated at the top of Capri's highest mountain, Mount Solaro . It covers a large part of the coast with the biggest attraction of the island, the Blue Grotto , and numerous bays and small beaches.

The very location of Anacapri is exceptionally beautiful. It is located on the slope of Mount Solro and you can get to the top by chairlift to Mount Solaro. From the top there is a wonderful panorama that covers the area as far as the vicinity of Naples and the massif of Vesuvius and the southern part of the Apennines.

The coast belonging to the town is very scenic and abounds in bays such as the Gulf of Rio and the Gulf of Tombosiello, as well as caves. The Punta Carena Lighthouse rises spectacularly on a steep rocky promontory. The biggest attraction of Anacpari is the Blue Grotto, which can be reached by boat. There is also a smaller grotto here, called the Green Cave . There are also several small, intimate beaches, of which the del Faro bathing beach is very famous.

Anacapri has a history dating back to Roman times and you can also see some interesting sights here. The oldest are the ruins of the Roman Villa Damecuta. The Castle of Barbarossa comes from the Norman period , and the Baroque splendor is represented by the Church of St. Michael the Archangel . There are also some nice historic holiday villas, with theVilla San Michele at the foot of the Phoenician Steps .

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