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Chiemsee is one of the smallest municipalities in Germany. Includes three islands on Lake Chiemsee. its most important attraction is the New Palace of Herrenchiemsee built by Ludwik Bavarian on the model of Versailles.

Called the "Bavarian Sea", Chiemsee is a glacial lake at the foot of the Salzburg Alps. It is included in the most important landscape attractions of the area, and on its shores there are numerous holiday resorts.

Chiemsee is located atypically on three islands: Frauenchiemsee, whose name comes from the female Abbey of Frauenwörth founded in the 8th century, Herrenchiemsee with the Augustian Monastery and palace and uninhabited Krautinsel.

The most famous and most visited by tourists is Herrenchiemsee. The New Herrenchiemsee Palace surrounded by the Castle Park is located here. It was built on the model of the seat of French kings in the 19th century. Today, the richly decorated interior houses the Museum of King Louis II. Occupying a large part of the island, the Castle Park is famous for the Herrenchiemsee Fountains and geometric French gardens. The island is not allowed to drive a motor vehicle. The park can be reached on foot or by horse cart from the marina.

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