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Fortress Kufstein

Local name: Festung Kufstein

The Kufstein Fortress is located on a hill, over 500 m above sea level. It currently houses the Kufstein City Museum. The collected collections include a collection of armor and exhibits of stuffed animals. Worth paying attention is the exhibition on how to administer justice and punishment in the Middle Ages. Concerts and cultural events also take place within the fortress.

The mention of the fortress first appears in historical documents in 1205, where the building is called Castrum Caofstein. It belonged then to the Bavarian prince Ludwig and the bishop of Regensburg. In the following centuries, Bavaria and Tyrol fought with each other to take over. In 1504, the city and fortress were besieged and conquered by Emperor Maximilian I. A massive round tower was added to the fortress, which significantly increased its defenses. In the eighteenth century, the fortress belonged to Bavaria, and returned to Austria only in 1814. During the existence of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, it served as a prison for political dissidents.


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Festung 26330 Kufstein , Austria