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Aumühle is the city of which Friedrichsruh is part. In the past, it was the estate of the von Bismarck family, and Chancellor Otto von Bismarck is buried here in the Mausoleum.

The city was founded in the 14th century and was a local trade and craft center. In 1871, the surrounding Sachsenwald forests were handed over to Chancellor Otto von Bismarck by Emperor Wilhelm I in recognition of his faithful service and contribution to the country. Here Bismarck built the ancestral residence of Friedrichsruh, on the grounds of which he was buried. The Bismarck Mausoleum, the Friedrichsruh Bismarck Museum and the neo-Gothic Bismarck Tower are the highlights of Aumühle today.

In Aumühle, there is also an interesting Railway Museum, where you can trace the development of rail transport in Germany at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. There are old wagons and locomotives, as well as equipment for railway stations and equipment used by railwaymen.

The city also offers family attractions, such as the Butterfly Garden, located in the greenhouse. You can feel here like in a tropical forest. More than 1,000 butterflies live among plants from around the world. The Sachsenwald rope park is a place for active entertainment.

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