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Submarine Museum

Local name: U-Bootmuseum

U-Boat Museum Hamburg GmbH is a museum located in the Russian submarine B-515. It is the largest hunting and espionage ship in the world, its crew numbered 78 people. It is 90 m long, nearly 9 m wide and almost 14 m high. In terms of construction, it resembles the Kursk submarine, which sank in 2000. As a museum, it introduces the reality of the Cold War and shows the Spartan living conditions that the crew faces underwater. You can visit it alone or with a guide.

The ship is sometimes referred to as U-434, this name comes from the number of pennants painted on the ship. The boat was built in 1976 and remained in active service until 2001. Apparently, her crew managed to sail to New York without raising suspicions of the American services.


Attractions inside

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