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Rickmer Rickmers

Local name: Rickmer Rickmers

It is a cargo sailing ship on board which houses a museum. It mainly presents the interior of the ship and the family history of the owners and the facility itself based on photographs, documents and captain's logs. The entire deck is open to visitors who can also take advantage of catering services and other attractions.

Outside the museum, below the deck there is a restaurant serving fresh fish (often caught specially for guests) and themed alcohols - for example rum. The restaurant also has a glass parquet floor.

Tourists can also take advantage of such attractions as climbing to the viewpoint located on the 35-meter mast, participation in numerous temporary exhibitions, special events or themed field games.

The ship was built in 1896, and the first journey he made to Hong Kong, from where he brought rice and bamboo to Germany.


Attractions inside

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    Bei den Sankt Pauli-Landungsbrücken 1a20359 Hamburg , Germany