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Schleswig-Holstein is a land lying between the Baltic and North Seas. It is known primarily as a summer vacation destination, and its main city is the port city of Kiel.

The region is the only one in Germany that borders Denmark. It is also unusual in terms of landscape, because it is surrounded by two seas of different nature. From the Baltic side there are cliff coasts and white beaches, while from the North Sea the shores are flat, dune and exposed to regular, large tides.

In addition to the coast on the North Sea, you can also see dikes and adjacent pools and ponds somewhat reminiscent of the landscape of the Netherlands. In turn, at the mouth of the Elbe there is a protected UNESCO biosphere reserve covering the so-called Wadden Sea.

In Schleswig-Holstein there are old port cities, which in the Middle Ages were the leaders in Hanza. These include Lubeck, where the Old Town from this period has been partially preserved.

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