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International Maritime Museum

Local name: Internationales Maritimes Museum

The International Maritime Museum is a private institution where you can see the maritime collection collected mainly by Peter Tamm. The collection has over 40,000 exhibits and about a million photographs. The exhibitions show models of ships and ships, naval medals and uniforms around the world, commercial and passenger shipping demonstrations, as well as works by famous naval painters. In the treasury they find models of ships made of ivory, amber, silver and gold. In addition to the permanent exhibition, there are also special exhibitions, including Viking.

The museum was opened in 2008 in a neo-Gothic building of a former coastal warehouse. Kaispeicher B is the oldest preserved warehouse in Hamburg, built in 1878-79 by the architects Bernhard Georg Jacob Hanssen and Wilhelm Emil Meerwein. In 2000 he was included in the list of cultural heritage, but for the next three years it was used as a magazine.


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    Koreastraße 120457 Hamburg , Germany