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Monument of St. Nicholas

Local name: Mahnmal St. Nikolai

It is a central place of memory for the victims of war and tyranny in the years 1933-1945. There is a Museum here depicting the history of St. Nicholas and the course of the war in these areas and the ruins of the Church of St. Nicholas with the highest observation tower in the city, 76 meters high.

Tourists visiting this place can use the glass elevator to enter the viewpoint located on the tower of the ruins of the Church of St. Nicholas. In its vicinity there is the Museum der Mahnmals, where you can learn the history of St. Mikołaj, war preparations, its course and consequences, as well as the circumstances of the air raid on the city.

The church Nicholas was founded at the end of the 12th century, but was destroyed during bombing raids on Hamburg in 1943. It was decided to leave the ruins after the war as a memorial to its victims. The church tower, which was part of the ruins, originally measured about 147 meters and was then the tallest church tower in the world. There is currently a viewpoint here.


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