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number 17 in the city

Jungfernstieg Promenade

Local name: Jungfernstieg Promenade

This road on the southern shores of Lake Alsner was the first cobbled street in Germany (1838). Currently, it is the most important boulevard in the city. Along the street there are many shopping centers, banks, art galleries and exclusive shops. There is also a long, fifty-meter terrace with a view of the lake and the surrounding area.

Street history began in 1265, when Count Adolph IV commissioned the construction of a mill dam to use lake water for a local mill. Over the years, this area has been repeatedly modified and rebuilt, and the street has gained a cosmopolitan perspective and has become a popular place. In 1799, the first pavilion was opened here, housing a restaurant and a cafe.

The area was destroyed as a result of the Great Fire in 1842, but as a result of reconstruction, it gained a neoclassical appearance. Already in 1843 the first shopping arcade in the country was established here.


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