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number 23 in the city

Town Hall

Local name: Rathaus

The Hamburg Town Hall was built in the Neo-Renaissance style. Is one of the few fully preserved buildings representing the so-called historicism in Hamburg. Its facade is 111 m wide. Sculptures depicting 20 emperors of the Holy Roman Empire were placed between the window niches, from Charlemagne to Francis II. Located in a central place, the tower is 112 m high and 436 degrees leads to its top.

Concerts and exhibitions are organized in the hall of the town hall. The Imperial Hall on the first floor is the second largest representative hall. It was named after William II and serves as a room for official presentations and celebrations.

The town hall was built in the second half of the 19th century, i.e. the period of wealth and prosperity, when the German Empire was founded. The appearance of the new Hamburg city hall was to reflect this wealth and also emphasize the independence of Hamburg's republican traditions.


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