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German Customs Museum

Local name: Deutsches Zollmuseum

This is the German Customs History Museum. It is located in a building created in 1900 and presents about 1,000 objects divided into two exhibitions. The first relates to the customs of today, while the second is about its history.

The exhibition dedicated to the history and duties of former customs services is divided into several sections. Visitors will learn about customs officers from the Roman provinces, the Franks empire, the German Customs Union, the German Empire itself, the Weimar Republic and the times of Nazism.

The exhibition, referring to the present times, presents exhibits in the field of world trade, excise issues, social justice, species protection, border customs control, weapons and drugs and piracy.

Among the unique exhibits presented in the museum are the cast iron customs mark from 1893 or the Prussian customs officer helmet.


Attractions inside

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    Alter Wandrahm 1620457 Hamburg , Germany