Germany    Hamburg    Chocoversum
number 7 in the city


Local name: Chocoversum

The Chocolate Museum introduces tourists to the process of its creation - from harvesting cocoa beans to making a tablet. The object is centered around experience, so visitors can try sweets at any stage of the trip, and even create a personalized chocolate bar.

The trip starts with cacao beans - tourists can learn how to collect, see how they look and try how they taste. In the next room of the exhibition there are various items made of cocoa, such as tables and bowls. Then, at a special stand, everyone can add various additives to chocolate, such as dried fruit and nuts.

Further parts of the exhibition include: a device for roasting cocoa beans, where everyone can try beans roasted to varying degrees, and the heart of the exhibition - a room with machines mixing chocolate mass and breaking grains. The final rooms of the exhibition present packaging machines and the practical use of cocoa beans in a non-food context. Visitors also have the opportunity to test their senses in the chocolate recognition competition.


Attractions inside

    Chocoversum map
    Meßberg 120095 Hamburg , Germany