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Tropical Aquarium Hagenbeck

Local name: Tropen-Aquarium Hagenbeck

Hagenbeck is a tropical aquarium. There are 14 300 animals representing 400 species, including those from the equatorial regions. There is one of the largest water reservoirs in Europe - the 26-ton glass panel is 14 m long, 6 m high and 22 cm thick. Caves were created in the underground, where bats and imperial scorpions live. In the adventure aquarium, visitors can see the underwater world of tropical seas, including sharks swimming at your fingertips.

There are also screened movies on a 4 x 4 meter screen, organized seminars and roadshow shows. In addition, you can see Nile crocodiles and many other reptiles, including the longest venomous snakes in the world, king cobras. Aquariums and paddocks are organized in traditional form and built in the form of flooded villages in the jungle.


Attractions inside

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    Lokstedter Grenzstraße 222527 Hamburg , Germany