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Augsburg belongs to the largest cities of Bavaria and at the same time the oldest cities of Germany. It was founded in Roman times, but today it is associated primarily because of its relationship with the history of the Reformation. The city has many interesting historical buildings, including the town hall and the church of St. Anna, which houses the famous Golden Chapel.

The city was founded in the 1st century BC as the Roman military camp of August Vindelicorum. It quickly developed into a significant commercial center, and in the sixth century it also became the seat of a bishopric. Augsburg experienced its glory period in the 15th and 16th centuries, when it became one of the main economic and cultural centers of Bavaria. In 1518, for some time, he was held here before the Martin Luther trial. Further links with the Reformation are even more significant. In 1530, the Augsburg confession of faith was proclaimed here, which is still the basis for the functioning of the Evangelical church, and in 1555 the peace ending religious wars in Germany was signed.

The Old Town of Augsburg was partially destroyed during World War II. However, quite a lot of Renaissance and early Baroque tenements and palaces have survived here. Their decorated facades rise along the wide streets that converge on the Market Square. Its main building is the Town Hall, where you can admire the Golden Room decorated with wall paintings and stucco decorations.

The most important monument of Augsburg is the church of St. Anna, which is part of the former Carmelite monastery. It was built in the 13th century, but was rebuilt several times, including in the 20th century, during the reconstruction of the city after the destruction of World War II. In the Gothic building you can see dozens of tombstones and epitaphs of significant residents of Augsburg from the city's era. However, the two greatest treasures of the temple are the Renaissance Fugger chapel with a statue of Jesus supported by angels and the Golden Chapel covered with frescoes. In the premises of the former monastery, you can visit the museum dedicated to the Reformation and the figure of Martin Luther.

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