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Local name: Viktualienmarkt

Viktualienmarkt, a marketplace with victuals, is a marketplace in the center of Munich, where you can buy almost everything that the German food industry offers, but also exotic fruit and spices, wines from around the world, fish and venison. There are numerous beer gardens in the marketplace, which serve six types of local beer and a small gastronomy serving famous pork knuckles and wursts, but also world cuisine.

On the square there are numerous fountains that draw water from streams that once flowed through the square. Fountains are life-size sculptures of famous comedians and cabaret artists, including the famous Karl Valentin, known as "German Chaplin". In the very center of the square, there is a high mast with symbols of various crafts. In the past, it was a meeting point and recruitment of nomadic journeymen by local masters.

Viktualienmarkt is the oldest market square in Munich over 200 years old. Initially, the market, called the Green Market, was located on St. Mary's Square (Marienplatz). In 1807, they were moved to their present place due to the rapid growth of trade and growing crowds. By the end of the nineteenth century, the area of the market was doubled.


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