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Church of St. Peter

Local name: Peterskirche

St. St. Peter's Church is one of the most important monuments of Munich. The oldest parish church in the city, with a characteristic, dominating over the city, high tower, called by the inhabitants of the city "Old Peter", on which there is an excellent vantage point. Architectural peculiarity due to different styles in works of art, such as a magnificent 18th-century altar and extensive, unique frescoes extending along the entire nave.

The first written applications about the temple come from the 13th century. In its second half a fourth nave was added from the north of the church, and then it was rebuilt in the Gothic style. For the most part it burned down in a great city fire on February 14, 1327. The reconstruction lasted for many years. Two side towers were replaced by a centrally located belfry between them. In 1495 a new Gothic main altar was installed. However, in the seventeenth century, the interior of the church was decorated in the Baroque style.

As a result of war damage in 1945, the church was again almost completely destroyed, and work on interior reconstruction was completed in 2000.


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