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Cathedral of St. Mary

Local name: Frauenkirche

Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary is the main temple of Munich. The current late-Gothic building was built in the years 1468-1488. Before him, already in the 12th century, there was a chapel and then a Romanesque basilica. The temple, which was rebuilt many times, has retained many of the old furnishings, including the sculpture of Erasmus Grasser at the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries.

Noteworthy are the numerous altars, among others with paintings by Jan Polak (1435-1519), also known as Johannes Polonus - a painter from Krakow, who found himself in Bavaria in 1475. He probably came with the wedding suite of Jadwiga Jagiellonka, who became the wife of Prince Jerzy Bogaty. Polonus was a prolific and highly valued artist - from 1485 he held the office of a city painter in Munich.

Numerous rulers and princes of the Wittelsbach dynasty are buried in the cathedral, including the Holy Roman Emperor Louis IV of Bavaria (died in 1347)


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