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St. Michael's Church

Local name: Michaelskirche

St. Michael Kirche, a religious monument, a Catholic church located in Munich's Old Town, one of the largest Renaissance churches in the world. It has a huge vault, second, after the Basilica of St. Peter's in Rome, the world's largest. The walls of the church contain unique works of sacred art, including a three-story high altar made in the years 1586–1589 with a picture of St. Michał in the fight against the dragon from 1587. It is also the burial place of the Bavarian princes and kings and members of the Wittelsbach house.

The church Michał's is 78.20 meters long and over 20 meters wide. Three-story facade of the church of St. Michael is a picture of the history of Bavaria. The interior of the church creates a nave. Side chapels open to it with arcades, three on each side. On their altars there are precious paintings, e.g. Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary from 1587 by Peter Candid. Above the chapels there are deep galleries with windows. The pulpit, as well as side altars and altars in the chapels come from 1697.

The church Michał, modeled on the church of II Gesù, the mother temple of the Jesuit order, significantly outgrown it and became an architectural model for over 100 church buildings. The construction of the first Jesuit temple in northern Europe was initiated in 1583 on the initiative of Prince William V the Pious. The works were completed in 1597; On July 6 his solemn consecration took place and the church received a call from Saint. Michael.


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