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German Museum

Local name: Deutsches Museum

The German Museum in Munich is one of the oldest and largest institutions in the world dealing in the collection of exhibits in the field of technology and science. It has real unique collections: the 18th-century Godfried Leibniz accounting machine, the first electric locomotive constructed by Werner Siemens from 1879, the three-wheeled Karl Benz car from 1886 and the U-1 - the first German submarine, built in 1906.

The museum has its own planetarium and astronomical observatory, and the world's largest technical library. The permanent offer includes several dozen exhibitions grouped into larger topics: "Natural sciences", "Materials, Energy, Production", "Communication, Information Media" and many others. All exhibitions contain interactive elements, and the museum is famous for dioramas presenting the operation of machines and various production processes. A Little Explorer's Zone has been prepared especially for the youngest guests.

The German Museum was founded in 1903 by Oskar von Miller (1855-1934) - a German engineer, author of the electrification project of the whole of Germany, designer and builder of the first central power plant in Berlin. On 25 thousand m2 of exhibition space, selected parts of the huge collection of over 100,000 are presented. exhibits. Every year, the museum is visited by over a million people.


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