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Nymphenburg Castle

Local name: Schloss Nymphenburg

Nymphenburg Palace (German: nymph castle) is a Baroque building with a 180-hectare park. The park and palace complex is considered one of the most valuable in Europe. In the central pavilion of the palace there is a Stone Room (ballroom, currently concert hall), to which adjoin small alcoves: a room decorated with eighteenth-century tapestries, an eighteenth-century lacquered office and an electoral bedroom with a gallery of portraits of the court of Louis XV's court.

From the five-storey main pavilion, there are galleries departing to the side pavilions (three on each side), in which the vedut collection of Bavarian castles was collected. From the north side, in the left pavilion, there is a chapel in which the altar features a Polish eagle - a reference to Anna Maria, daughter of August III Sas, who was the wife of elector Maximilian III Joseph. In one of the southern pavilions, Schönheitengalerie, a beauty gallery, is located, which presents 38 portraits of meters of the Bavarian King Ludwig I, painted by the famous portraitist, Joseph Karl Stieler.

The court stables are home to the Marstallmuseum, which is a museum of carriages, which exhibits heavy, richly decorated carriages, light carriages for everyday use, ordinary and parade sleighs, as well as harness and riding equipment. The walls are decorated with portraits of the most beautiful royal horses.


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Schloß Nymphenburg 180638 Munich , Germany