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Nymphenburg Castle Park

Local name: Schlosspark Nymphenburg

Schlosspark Nymphenburg is a palace and park complex with an area of 180 hectares and one of the biggest tourist attractions of Munich. Nymphenburg Palace Park has the status of a protected area and has been reported to the EU's Natura 2000 program. The complex was registered as a monument on the list of Bavarian monuments.

The Nymphenburg Palace, the former Wittelsbach summer residence in Munich, together with the Nymphenburg castle park, occupies one of the first places in Europe in terms of architectural value. There are many historic buildings in the park, e.g. Amalienburg - a former hunting palace, built in 1734–1739, Badenburg - a palace with a built-in rectangular bathing pool, built in 1719–1721, Pagodenburg - a Chinese-style pavilion, built in 1717–1719 and Magdalenenklause - a place of penance by Maksymilian Emanuel, who commissioned it to be built in 1725.

In the middle of the baroque park is a fountain, followed by the Nymphenburg Canal. At the end of the canal, along the marble water cascade, are statues, sculptures of gods, heroes and nymphs, dating from the eighteenth century.

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