number 110 in the city


Local name: Pagodenburg

Located inside: Nymphenburg Castle Park

Pagodenburg is a two-story building from the 18th century erected in the gardens of the Nymphenburg Palace in Munich. You can admire here, among others antique works of Chinese painting and paintings by Johann Anton Gumpp.

On the ground floor of Pagodenburg there is a room whose walls are almost entirely covered with Delft tiles, with a white and blue pattern. The ceiling is decorated with an allegory of four continents. The furniture comes from the 1870s, the furniture upholstery has been color-matched to the patterns on the walls and ceiling.

On the first floor there are three rooms: Chinese Cabinet, Chinese Living Room and a small room that was used to relax. The walls of the Chinese Salon and Study are decorated with varnished wood paneling (in black and red) and 33 paintings with floral motifs (including 30 original ones).


Attractions inside

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    80638 Munich , Germany