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Local name: Westpark

Sendling-Westpark is the 7th District of Munich, the area of which was attached to the city and intensively built up only after the Second World War. Typical buildings in this region are single-family houses from the interwar period and large apartment blocks built after the Second World War as part of the development of the new district.

District 7 has the largest share of green spaces in Munich. There are a large part of the Sendling forest and Westpark here, from which the name of the district and the "Land in Sonne" allotments come from. The district also has sports grounds and several smaller parks.

Sendling-Westpark hosted the International Horticultural Exhibition in 1983. The Rudi Sedlmayer-Halle hall has hosted numerous cultural and sporting events, and is now the seat of the Bayern Munich basketball section with the name Audi Dome. It also houses the Neufriedenheim sanatorium and various educational institutions.

Westpark map
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