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Olympic Tower

Local name: Olympiaturm

Olympiaturm is a television tower located in the Olympic Park in Munich. Built for the Summer Olympic Games in 1972. The viewpoint located on its 190th meter height is an unusual tourist attraction of the city. In addition, at a height of 182 meters there is a revolving restaurant. Its full turn takes 53 minutes.

The Olympiaturm tower weighs 52,500 tons and measures over 291 meters. An elevator runs upstairs at a speed of 7 m / s. The entry takes about 30 seconds. The highly located observation point provides great views of the city and the Olympic village. The Alps are visible with the cloudless sky.

The tower also has a post office and souvenir shop. The tower is extremely popular and is visited by several million tourists every year; since its opening, the tower has been visited by over 35 million guests.


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