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BMW Museum

Local name: BMW Museum

Existing since 1972, the BMW Museum presents the history of the Bavarian brand, determined by subsequent car and motorcycle models. The exhibition opens with the first car with the BMW logo - the famous Dixi, i.e. the 3/15 PS DA 2 Limousine model, produced in 1929-1931, powered by a 0.75 liter 4-cylinder engine with 15 HP. The beginning of the motorcycle series is the BMW R32, which was produced in 1923-1926. Every year, the museum is visited by approximately 250,000 visitors.

The oldest BMW models surprise with body lines and engine parameters - the latest amount of electronics and technological facilities. At the entrance, visitors are greeted by an installation made of shiny balls that automatically shape themselves into the shape of various BMW car models. The exhibitions surprise not only with exhibits, but also with the arrangement - cars stacked on special shelves one above the other, motorbikes hung on the walls, precise lighting extracting the advantages of the body line. The exhibition also included aircraft engines, which began the history of the automotive giant.

The exhibition also included numerous documents, archival photos and videos.
The museum attracts visitors not only with exhibits, but also with the original form of the building, called a cup or bowl. It is the work of Karl Schwanzer, who also designed the BMW office building next to the Museum.


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