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Royal Square

Local name: Konigsplatz

Königsplatz, a historical site in Munich and an urban work of art. The square is located in the Maxvorstadt district. Maintained in the style of European neoclassicism. It is the center of cultural life, where numerous galleries and museums are located. At Königsplatz, modern life is close to classicism and antiquity. Here, you can admire antique ancient Greek and Roman sculptures, mosaics and reliefs, as well as Roman ceramics or Greek jewelry.

The shape of the square is shaped by a combination of three classic buildings: Glyptothek in the north, built in 1806-1830 as the first building of the square in which Greek and Roman sculptures are located, on the south side - historic, built in 1838-1848 museum of Greek art, Roman and Etruscan and in the west - Propylaea, a monumental gate built in 1848-1862.

At Königsplatz in the summer months outdoor events are organized, such as Open Without Open Air, Tunix or Sportfestival as well as outdoor concerts and an open cinema. Bavarian cuisine is served in the restaurant. There is also a beer garden.


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