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Egyptian Museum

Local name: Ägyptisches Museum

The Egyptian Museum has since 2013 a new headquarters, which is entirely located underground. The spacious, indoor interiors made of raw concrete, glass and brushed aluminum are in themselves a big attraction for visitors. The museum is equipped with the latest technology (projections, tactile interfaces, multimedia guides) to help explore the collections of 5,000 years of developing ancient Egyptian art.

The most valuable exhibits in the collections of the Egyptian Museum include casket mask of Queen Satdjehuti from 1575 BC and the oldest glass vessel in the world with some dating - the glass goblet of Pharaoh Tutmosis III from around 1450 BC

The exhibition is divided into two sections: one presents a sculpture, the other is a set of thematic exhibitions dedicated to, among others afterlife, religion, writing, arts and crafts. In addition to artifacts from Egypt, items from Nubia and the Middle East were also collected.


Attractions inside

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