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Rijeka is the largest Croatian seaport located near the border with Italy. The city is a popular tourist destination because of the proximity of holiday resorts located on the coast, such as Crikvenica, Selce or Opatija. It is also close from here to the island of Krk connected to the coast by means of a bridge. Rijeka is also a place where the famous carnival takes place.

Due to its location, Rijeka has been a competitive object of various countries since the Middle Ages. It belonged to the Habsburg Monarchy for the longest time in its history, and after World War I it was even a Free City for several years. It developed mainly thanks to maritime trade and still remains the main cargo port of Croatia to this day.

Rijeka acquired its current appearance in the 18th century, when it was rebuilt after a devastating earthquake. At that time, Korso was created, the main street on which today the most fashionable cafes, restaurants and shops are located. There is also a symbol of the city, Gradski Toranj or clock tower, which in the Middle Ages served as the city gate. Among the buildings you can also see the baroque cathedral of St. Vitus and the eclectic theater building at Plac Zajca.

The Trsat hill rises above the center of Rijeka, with the ruins of the fortress of the same name. It is an excellent vantage point to the city and the surrounding coast, and on the slopes of the hill walking paths and picnic places have been marked out. In turn, people who want to get to know the local flavors can head to the city market, where you can buy seafood, fish, fruit, vegetables, as well as homemade wine.

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