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Vela Beach

Local name: Vela plaža

Beaches located near the Croatian town of Baška are considered one of the most beautiful in the world, and together with the city of Krk they form the most popular tourist attraction on the island. The most popular is the Vela Beach - rocky, stretching for about 2 kilometers along the town of Baška. In its close surroundings you can find the promenade, numerous shops, parking lots and restaurants. In the season it's very hard to find a place here.

Other popular beaches in the Baška area include Banćuluka, a naturist beach camping near the port of Baška, Storišće - a beach about 200 meters a bit off the beaten track and Vrženica beach. They are all rocky, many of them have also been awarded the Blue Flag - an award that guarantees the purity of the sea and a safe and pleasant beach. In the summer, various types of festivals and cultural and entertainment events are organized in this region.


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    Vela Beach map
    Ulica Emila Geistlicha 51523 Baška , Croatia