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Baška Citadel

Local name: Kaštel Baška

Baška Castle, or rather its picturesque ruins, are the remains of a medieval fortress that once stood on the island of Krk. The building was burned by the Venetians in 1380, after the then inhabitants did not want to give in to the invaders and never regained its former glory. Today, near the former castle stands the Church of St. John the Baptist and cemetery.

Sama Baška is located on a beautiful bay near the city of Krk. The village is surrounded by hills, while from the south-east side it is closed by a beach about two kilometers long. The village is known for being nearby in the church of St. Łucja in Jurandvor, one of the oldest monuments of the Croatian language was found, a stone plaque written with Glagolitic - the so-called Basztanko probably dating from 1100.


Attractions inside

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    51523 Baška , Croatia