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Pula is the largest city of the Istrian Peninsula, a well-known holiday and tourist resort on the northern part of the Croatian coast. There is one of the largest and best preserved Roman amphitheaters in the world, as well as the triumphal arch from the first century BC

Pula is one of the oldest urban centers on the eastern Adriatic coast. It was founded by the Illyrians in the 5th century BC, and from the 2nd century BC it remained under Roman rule. It is from this period that the most famous monument of the city comes from, a Roman amphitheater built for almost 200 years and which could hold about 23,000 at that time. viewers. Today in the stands there is room for 5,000. people, and the amphitheater is used to organize concerts, outdoor performances and festivals.

The period of Roman rule also left other interesting buildings in Pula, such as the Arc de Triomphe built by the Sergias or the temple of Augustus and Roma. They can be seen among later buildings, mainly from the period of Venetian and Austrian rule. In the streets of the Old Town, as well as near the port, there are plenty of restaurants, cafes and bars.

Pula is also an important center for summer recreation. Together with nearby towns, it receives tens of thousands of sun-hungry tourists every year. The beaches here are rocky and quite narrow, but the sea is perfect for diving.

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