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Pula Arena

Local name: Amfiteatar u Puli

The amphitheater at Pula is a Roman amphitheater dated to the first century. It is one of the three, next to the Roman Coliseum and the arena in the French city of Nimes, the best preserved of Roman amphitheaters. It is over 30 m high, and it was erected on the plan of an ellipse measuring 130 by 100 m. Theatrical performances, gladiator fights and chariot races took place here. 26 thousand seats could sit in the stands. viewers.

Amfitetar has been restored and secured for the organization of mass events. Theater and opera premieres, music events and film screenings take place there. The ancient arena was also adapted for the needs of organizing large rock concerts. Stars such as Sting, José Carreras, Placido Domingo and Norah Jones performed here.

In Roman times, four staircases in the shape of towers led into the interior of the amphitheater. In the wall of one of them there is a plaque commemorating the Venetian senator, who in 1583 blocked the demolition - in those times the amphitheater was treated as a source of cheap building material.


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