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Aquarium Pula

Local name: Aquarium Pula

The Pula Aquarium offers visitors the opportunity to see representatives of over 200 species of sea creatures (fish, reptiles, amphibians, jellyfish) living in the Adriatic and freshwater from all over Croatia. On the area of 2.5 thousand m2, 35 large aquariums and several open pools for turtles and rays.

Aquarium conducts educational activities as part of the "Blue school" project. Participants conduct research on living organisms on the Adriatic Sea. Classes are held at the Aquarium headquarters and in the field - on the coast and on a boat anchored in the Marina Bunarina.

The aquarium is located in the 19th-century Austrian fort Verudela. A building with a pentagon base, with 11 living quarters, food and weapons warehouses, and drinking water supplies was served by about 120 soldiers. Located at 31 m above sea level, the fort was part of the Pula fortification network, which consisted of over 50 buildings of various sizes.


Attractions inside

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    Verudela 52105 Pula , Croatia