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Arch of the Sergii

Local name: Slavoluk Sergijevaca

Arch of the Sergii, or the Arch of Sergius, also called the Golden Gate is a Roman triumphal arch erected between 20 and 10 BC to commemorate the dead members of the Roman family of Sergius. The founder was Salwia Postuma - wife of Lucius Sergius, tribune of the 29th legion. Originally, the rear part of the arch was connected to the southern city gate (it was demolished in the 19th century).

On the ceiling of the arch there is an image of an eagle with outstretched wings holding a snake in its claws. He is accompanied by sea creatures and sphinxes. The attic is divided into three bases with the names of the Sergius family engraved on them, along with a description of the offices they hold. Originally standing on the bases, commemorated figures carved in stone were destroyed.

Every traveler coming to the city had to see the monumental building. A closer look at the inscription was encouraged by the rich western decorations - reliefs with carved vine and acanthus leaves - preserved to this day. Currently, sculptural decorations are popular with birds.


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