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Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria

Local name: Povijesni i pomorski muzej Istre

Povijesni and Pomeranian Muzej Istre, i.e. the Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria, is located in a Baroque, 16th-century fortress, erected at the highest point of the city. It has over 100,000 in collections exhibits, divided into several departments, including a collection of numismatists, a collection of photographs and photographic equipment, graphics, maps, old postcards, objects and documents related to work at sea and shipbuilding.

The collection features a collection of several thousand nineteenth-century postcards, among which there are 1.5 thousand. postcards with maritime motifs (navy units, scenes from the life of sailors). In the department of maritime history and shipbuilding, among others, items extracted from wrecks, including the passenger ship Baron Gautsch, considered by divers to be the most beautiful wreck in the Adriatic.

As a permanent exhibition, a reconstruction of the nineteenth-century pharmacy of the former Imperial and Royal Hospital is presented. The exhibits presented at it illustrate the history of pharmacy from ancient times to the present day.


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