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Muzeum of Apoxyomenos

Local name: Muzej Apoksiomen

Apoxyomenos Mali Lošinj is a separate museum department and exhibition dedicated to one statue only - a Greek sculpture of an athlete from the first or second century AD, which was found at the bottom of the sea off the islet of Vele Orjule. The bronze figure was subjected to seven years of conservation. The first public presentation took place in 2016 in Zagreb, and then the statue set off on a tour of the most famous museums in the world. From 2016, it is presented in a museum in Mali Lošinj.

Apoxyomenos is a name derived from the Greek name for the process of removing oil, sand and dirt from the skin using a special scraper. An athlete imagined in bronze (probably a wrestler) was captured during body cleansing after the duel. The sculpture is 1.92 m high and mounted on a 10-cm bronze base.

The museum also presents a replica of the statue, which was placed in a special diorama to show the appearance of Apoxyomenos at the time of discovery - resting under a layer of sand and crustaceans between two rocks at a depth of about 45 meters.


Attractions inside

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