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Krynica Zdrój health resort is picturesquely located among the Beskid hills and it's famous for healing mineral waters. However, the town attracts not only bathers who enjoy the benefits of the local springs. Mountain hikers, winter sports enthusiasts and music lovers also like to come here.

The local mineral waters were appreciated already in the second half of the eighteenth century, but the real development of this health resort began almost a century later thanks to professor Józef Dietl. In the 20th century Krynica became famous thanks to painter Nikifor, whose paintings include the characteristic health resort villas, Lemko churches and Beskidy landscapes. The town also occupied a special place in the heart of the singer Jan Kiepura, who built his home here.

Tourists can take the Jaworzyna Krynicka gondola lift or Góra Parkowa funicular to enjoy a network of marked hiking trails. The museum dedicated to the born here Naive art painter Nikifor is very popular among the visitors. A unique cultural attraction are concerts that happen every year as part of the Jan Kiepura festival. Noteworthy is also the Lemko Orthodox Church Route - a relic of the former inhabitants of Krynica.

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