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Portovenere is a picturesque coastal city, which, together with the neighboring Cinque Terre National Park, is included in the UNESCO list. It has a colorful harbor area, a beautiful location on a steep rocky slope that slopes into the sea and a rich nightlife.

The city is sometimes called the Cinque Terre Gate because some ferries depart from here to the towns of this part of the coast. It is also very attractive for tourists thanks to its location and numerous monuments.

Portovenere's history dates back to Roman times, but no traces have been preserved from that period. It flourished in the Middle Ages under the rule of the Genoese. At that time, Doriów Castle, which towers over the buildings and is an excellent viewpoint on the surrounding area.

Portovenere's attractions include, first of all, the port area with its colorful, high-rise tenement houses by the waterfront. The local churches are also beautiful, the largest of which is the Romanesque church of St. Lawrence. The small church of St. Peter standing on a rock by the sea. It is connected with the port by the viewpoint Calata Doria.

The beautiful location of Portovenere, which is now surrounded by the Porto Venere Regional Nature Park, was appreciated several hundred years ago. The English poet Lord Byron, who is commemorated by the Byron Grotto, located by the sea, at the foot of the city walls, is considered to be the greatest advocate of the local beauty.

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