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Oberschleißheim is a Bavarian town that owes its fame to the huge, Baroque Schleissheim palace complex. It is one of the largest residential assumptions in Germany.

The history of the city dates back to the eighth century, and in medieval times it became the property of the Bavarian princes. At the beginning of the 17th century, Prince Maximilian I built the first summer Lustheim Castle here, and a century later Maximilian II Emanuel ordered the construction of the New Schleißheim Castle and the creation of gardens.

Today, the huge palace and park complex also consisting of the Old Castle Schleißheim, the North Pavilion, the South Pavilion and the Hof Schleißheim Garden belongs to the most important residences in Germany. The Lustheim Castle houses the Porcelain Museum with a collection of Chinese and European products.

Oberschleißheim is also strongly associated with the development of German aviation. In 1912, the first aviation in Bavaria was opened here. It served both civilians and the army, and today police helicopters are stationed here. Within the airport is the German Schleissheim Aviation Museum having one of the largest collections of historic civilian and military aircraft in the country.

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