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The Pays de la Loire is an administrative region of France covering areas from the Atlantic coast to around Tours. Its axis is the valley of the lower Loire that flows into the sea around Nantes. The capital of the region is the historic city of Nantes.

Historically, the emerging lands of the Pays de la Loire belonged to Brittany. The largest city is Nantes, a large industrial, cultural and university center. There is the Gothic cathedral of St. Peter, the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany and the famous shopping arcade Passage de Pomeraye. Nantes is famous for its greenery, and its gardens and parks are among the most beautiful in France.

From the Middle Ages, the Loire Valley and its surroundings were the place where numerous castles and magnate residences were built. In the Loire Region you can find magnificent defensive fortresses in Angers, Saumur and Brissac. The region's decoration is the medieval abbey of Fontevraud.

The region is also known for theme parks. The largest of them is Puy du Fou, whose theme refers to medieval knightly traditions. In turn, Terra Botanica in Angers is a combination of a botanical garden and a recreational park, where you can, among others swim boats on the canals or use the gym in the open air.

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