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Angers is a city at the mouth of the Maine to Loire and the former capital of Anjou. Its most important monument is the medieval castle of the Anjou, in the vicinity of which is the charming Old Town.

The history of the city dates back to ancient times, when there was a Celtic and then Roman settlement here. The period of its splendor began in the 12th century, when the castle became the capital of the county of Anjou, ruled by the royal family of the Anjou. At that time, the construction of the Castle of Angers, with its massive walls and a dozen or so towers with a height of up to 60 m, began. Inside you can see not only medieval and Renaissance furniture and equipment, but also a great collection of tapestries depicting scenes from the Apocalypse.

By the castle stretches the Old Town, whose layout has survived unchanged since the Middle Ages. You can see many interesting half-timbered houses. The most famous of them is the richly decorated Adam's House (House of Butchers). The focal point of the Old Town is the cathedral of St. Maurice, in whose construction Romanesque and Gothic elements were combined.

Angers is a city full of greenery. There are now parks in the former castle moats. There is also the Botanical Garden and the Classicist Mail Garden, which dates back to the 18th century. The Terra Botanica Park, in turn, combines the features of a botanical garden and an amusement park.

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