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Castle of Angers

Local name: Château d'Angers

The castle of Angers is located in the French Loire Valley above one of its tributaries, the River Maine. The most important historic elements of the castle include a set of tapestries presenting the Apocalypse of St. John, chapel with the relic of the Holy Cross, royal apartments and a museum with the world's largest collection of medieval fabrics.

Angers Castle was built in the ninth century on the order of Count Anjou. Earlier, there was a fortress here built by the Romans and a castle was built on its basis. In the 13th century, the fortress was expanded to its present size. In the 15th century a chapel was added to the castle, where a relic of the Holy Cross was placed.

The antique tapestries showing scenes from the Apocalypse were made by the weaver Nicolas Bataille and the painter Hennequin de Bruges. In Napoleon's time, a military academy operated here. Then it housed a prison, gunpowder warehouse and barracks until World War II. After its completion, the Angers castle was opened to the public.


Attractions inside

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    Promenade du Bout du Monde 249100 Angers , France