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Botanical Garden

Local name: Jardin des Plantes

About 11,000 plant species were planted among ponds, water channels, paths and alleys at the Botanical Garden in Nantes. There are also pavilions, greenhouses, fountains, cascades, a collection of statues and a mound. Specimens from all climatic zones and continents are presented here.

The palm garden and greenhouses cover an area of 800 m2 and contain collections of tropical plants. Orchids from African and Asian lowlands belong to the most valuable specimens. Plants of tropical America are grown in the central pavilion. Orangeries also contain collections of cactus and citrus plants.

The current Botanical Garden in Nantes was founded in 1806 under the direction of Jean Alexander Hectot. As a curiosity about this place, it is worth quoting the fact that a year after the establishment of this garden, magnolia was planted, which grows here to this day. There is a rose garden here and also bred among others peonies, chrysanthemums, tulip trees and redwoods.


Attractions inside

    Botanical Garden map
    Rue Stanislas Baudry 44000 Nantes , France