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The small Varaždin is famous primarily for its Baroque architecture, which was established in the 18th century after a great fire in the city. In addition to picturesque tenements and the market square, an interesting monument is also the 16th century city fortress built to defend against Turkish invasions.

Varaždin, which was not far from the Hungarian border, was the capital of Croatia for twenty years. The end of this period was marked by a great fire, after which almost all the buildings had to be rebuilt. The 16th century fortress gained a new look, its white towers covered with red tiles are the most characteristic view of the city. Today, a local museum operates in the fortress buildings. Around it is the Old Town with a small market square and the baroque cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

Built from scratch in the 18th century, the Old Town has many Austrian influences. Its builders modeled on the cities of the Habsburg Monarchy erecting here baroque palaces and tenement houses with facades decorated with paintings and sculptures. Of the older buildings, a Gothic Franciscan monastery has survived with a square tower with a soaring spire.

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