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Varaždin Cathedral

Local name: Varaždinska katedrala

The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Varaždin is the main temple of the Roman Catholic diocese in this city. This building is widely recognized as the most important example of early Baroque religious architecture in northern Croatia.

The cathedral in Varaždin is a one-nave church with one tower. The temple was built thanks to the financial expenses of Count Gašpar Draškovic, and the author of the project was the Jesuit Juraj Matota. The construction of the main part of the building lasted from 1642 to 1646, and the tower with the bell tower was added thirty years later.

The church originally belonged to the Jesuit order, and after the dissolution of the order in 1773 it passed into the hands of the Paulines. Fifteen years later, the church was secularized and was used by the army as a barn for the next decade. In 1797 he was consecrated again and since then has been continuously operating as a Roman Catholic temple.


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    Pavlinska ulica 442000 Varaždin , Croatia