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Old Castle

Local name: Stari grad

Stari Grad, which is literally "Old Town" is the name that is usually called the castle in the city of Varaždin. This castle is a perfectly preserved example of medieval defensive architecture, and at the same time is considered the most important local monument. Currently, Stari Grad Castle houses the Museum of the City of Varaždin.

The first mention of the castle Stari Grad comes from the 12th century. Since then, the castle has changed owners many times and underwent several renovations. It was first rebuilt at the end of the fourteenth century in the Gothic style, and later in the sixteenth century in the Renaissance style. In the next century minor baroque alterations were made.

In the years 1993–2001 the castle appeared on the 5 kuna banknote. The museum of the city of Varaždin was opened here in 1925. His exhibitions allow you to get to know the everyday life of past centuries and include, among others, antique handicrafts, furniture, weapons, textiles and painting.


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Ivana Kukuljevića Sakcinskog 942000 Varaždin , Croatia