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Opeka Arboretum

Local name: Opeka Arboretum

Opeka Marčan Arboretum is a park and arboretum founded in the area surrounding the 17th-century Opek Palace in the village of Marčan. There are about 100,000 within green areas of 64 hectares. trees, shrubs, medicinal plants and flowers. This is Croatia's most valuable park and one of the world's most-valued English-style gardens.

The park was established simultaneously with the palace, however, planned development of green areas only began at the end of the 19th century, when the owners of the palace were the counts of Drašković. From journeys to Japan, China, Tibet, the Caucasus and North America, they imported seedlings of exotic trees and garden plants, which were planted as planned.

The arboretum obtained its final shape, preserved to this day, in the early 20th century. The castle and palace survived without any damage to World War II, after which, in 1945, the property became the property of the state. In 1947, the arboretum was included in the list of natural monuments and covered by comprehensive protection.


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