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Local name: Wawel

Wawel is a limestone hill towering over the Cracow's center and Vistula waters. It is considered one of the most important places that refer to the history of Poland. The castle, which was the headquarters of Polish kings for several hundred years, stands on the hill.

The limestone hill has a form of horst. Its steep slopes functioned as an excellent defense. The history of the prince castle with reinforced walls, and then the royal castle, dates back to the beginning of the country's existence. The fortifications had been rebuilt throughout the years and during the Austrian occupation, Wawel became a citadel, part of Cracow Fortress.

Wawel is full of interesting places. Apart from the castle itself, the courtyards with remains of the buildings from different ages and the cathedral with the Polish king's graves can be seen there. Smocza Jama cave can be found on the hill's slopes. The walking boulevards are stretching nearby.

Wawel map
Wawel 531-001 Krakow , Poland